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Solutions to Matching Games

which snowflakes are alike


Big and small, fat or tall Mazes has them all. These are the solutions to scissorcrafts fun and free educational games, coloring pages, and holiday activity matching games for kids.

Matching games improve memory skills, cognitive perception and visual development in young children or those with mental disabilities. Browse these matching and memory game worksheets.


Trick or Treat pumpkins and other Halloween fun matching game puzzles are from a few of the hundreds of templates available at PaperPumpkins.com for pumpkin and gourd carving time during the witching hour. You can find many great color book images and activities there as well.


The scarecrow game is a little advanced, or subjective as it calls for the child to determine what the bird on the scarecrow's shoulder would prefer to eat. Now you and I both know the crow eats virtually everything under the sun, but for this little exercise "corn" is the correct answer.

The jellybean bag is simply a counting lesson to find how many beans are in the bag, and the pumpkins are just extremely simple challenges for a pre-schooler to identify big and small.

Solutions Matching Puzzles