Snowflakes and World Flag Color Book Fun

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Patriotic Theme

Color Book Snowflakes and Flags


PatrioFlakes are my very own snowflake merry go round patterns superimposed over flags from anywhere and everywhere. PatrioFlakes are cool craft projects for teachers and parents to teach about patriotism and civil responsibility. Teach children the pride of Patriotism with PatrioFlakes. Print on white paper and color, or find pre-printed patriotic wrapping paper, patriotic napkins, table cloths or patriotic paper plates to fold and cut great PatrioFlakes.

PatrioFlakes for Memorial Day crafts, Free patriotic crafts and Independence day decorations for all your patriotic arts and crafts projects. Support the Troops with PatrioFlakes and give your loved one a PatrioFlake for Christmas cheer. Great resource for patriotic events such as 4th of July celebration, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and more.

When I was just starting this paper snowflake website back in 2000, I wracked my brain to think up different and unique designs. PatrioFlake is probably the most unusual because I found flags of different countries, cities and states. I then illustrated the most recognizable feature of the flags then superimposed my little merry-go-round snowflake design over the designs. The result is a design that I felt parents and teachers could use to help teach citizenship and patriotism. They were pretty popular for a while because it was right around the time when 9/11 hit and the beginning of the war in Afghanistan.

USA Flag Patrio-Flakes