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Ta Through Tz Crosses

taranisclrTaranis: The "Taranis" Wheel Cross, is also referred to as the Solar Cross, Wheel Cross, Odin's Cross, or Woden's Cross. The Taranis Cross is actually a circle with spokes. It is derived from a Druid symbol representing a wheel.
tauclrTau: The "Tau" cross - is a cross in the form of the capital letter "T" and also known as the Crux Commissa, Old Testament, Anticipatory, Advent, or St. Anthony's Cross. It is also an ancient symbol of the Roman God Mithras and the Greek Attis.
crownthornsnailsclrThorns: The Thorn Cross - The crown of thorns was an attempt by the soldiers to mock Jesus, Christ accepted the crown of thorns as a symbol of sin and punishment to atone for our sins.
Toulouse CrossToulouse: The "Toulouse" cross - also called Cathar, Entrailed or Occitan Cross. Adopted in the 12th century (estimated) by the Count of Toulouse from the Occitan Cross, this cross appears on the capital of Midi-Pyrénées' flag in Metropolitan France.
treble fitchclrTreble Fitch: The "Treble Fitch" cross, Fiched, Fitched, Fitchée is a cross with sharp points. This one pictured here is referred to as a Treble Fitch because it has three sharp points or daggers on each arm. A cross with 2 points on the arms would be called Double Fitched.
Trefly CrossTrefly: The "Trefly" cross, a Celtic design using clover leaves to form the cross shape.
Trianguly CrossTrianguly: The "Trianguly" cross, is one designed entirely out of triangle shapes. No historic reference or significance for the particular design.
Trinity CrossTrinity: Trinity Cross - based in the unique Christianity belief of one God in three persons.
Triparted CrossTriparted: Triparted Cross - also known as Trinity Cross, is used to represent the Trinity, and is comprised of three vertical and three horizontal arms that form a woven together cross. The resulting twelve arms also represent the twelve Apostles.
triple spiralbrownTriple Spiral: The "Triple Spiral" is a Celtic and pre-Celtic symbol. It is sometimes used to represent the Christian Trinity. Triple Spiral image for non-profit, educational and personal art projects.
triumphantclr.pngTriumphant: Triumphant Cross or Orb Cross - also called Globus Cruciger, is composed of a cross and an orb, or globe, which represents Christ's triumph over the world. The cross was used to signify victory or conquest in battle.
Tronconne CrossTronconne: The "Tronconée" Demembre cross, also spelled as Tronçonne, Tronçonnée, Trononnee, Trononné), Dismembered, Disjointed and Disjoined Cross. The word demembre is French for separated, so a Tronconée Cross is one that is separated or cut into pieces while retaining it's original form.