Ia Through Iz Crosses

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Cross Ia Through Iz Outlines

icxcclrICXC: The "ICXC" cross, also called the Conqueror's Cross. The letters "IC" represents the Greek characters "Iota" (?) and "Sigma" (S) which are the first and last letters of "Jesus" (??S??S), and "XC" represents "Chi" (?) and "Sigma" (S) which is the first and last letters of "Christ" (???S??S). The cross is often accompanied with the letters NIKA which is Greek for "In Hoc Signo Vinces" which means "to be victorious" or "to conquer."
engrailedclrIndented: The "Indented" cross or Indented Cross, similar to the Flaming Cross. The Indented Cross has saw-tooth edges pointing both inward and outward.