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Ma Through Mz Crosses

magic numbersclrMagic Numbers: The "Magic Numbers" cross, so named because all numbers, across, up and down and diagonal add up to 15. Maltese Cross
Maltese: Maltese Cross - also known as the St. John's Cross, Regeneration, Fishtail, Campaign and Iron Cross. In many religions the number Eight symbolises regeneration, therefore it is also sometimes called the Regeneration Cross. The Maltese Cross has been the symbol of the Christian warrior since the First Crusade. Maltese Cross In recent centuries it has come to be adopted by bodies such as the Order of St. John and the United States Fire Service, and appears on the coat-of-arms of the Mecklenburg-Strelitz district.
Marian Cross
Marian: Marian Cross - associated with the Miraculous Medal, the Marian Cross is the informal name given to the cross design favored by Pope John Paul II, based on his Marian devotion and attachment to the Rosary. It consists of a traditional Latin cross with the letter "M" (for Mary) in the lower right quadrant.
Mascly Cross
Mascly: The "Mascly", Mascle or Masclée cross, consists of 5 voided diamond shapes with ends touching.
pommeeclrMascly Pommettée: The "Mascly Pommettée", Mascle or Masclée cross, is a mesh-shaped cross that consists of 5 voided diamond shapes with ends touching and circles at the ends of each of the twelve points. Millrine Cross
Millrine: The "Millrine" cross, also referred to as the Y-shaped Cross or Pall Cross. The Millrine Cross is derived from the Latin molere (to grind) and molinum (mill). The shape of the Millrine resembles the iron bar that supports a millstone.
Moline Cross
Moline: Moline Cross - or Cross Moline (Millrine or Millrind) is derived from the Latin word "molere" which means to grind and "molinum" mill. The shape of this cross is similar to the iron bar that supported a millstone used for grinding wheat. The ends of each arm of the Moline Cross are forked and recurved.