Monsters and Dragons

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angry winged dragon1200Who doesn't love the idea of mythical dragons? Nobody apparently since there are so many books and movies about them. Dragons are winged creatures portrayed in the ancient mythologies of most cultures around the world. I think that dragons were thought to exist because ancient people would find dinosaur bones and assume, correctly, that fierce and powerful creatures once roamed the earth.

Recent investigations reveal that the griffin, a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle, might have actually existed as a fossilized remains of the Protoceratops dinosaur which has a similar form to the mythological creature.

As with any tall tale there is always a grain of truth so the legend of the dragon grew along with folk lore describing dragons as either benevolent guardians or fierce and destructive enemies.

The legends of dragons tie in with mythologies of winged gods from the heavens who came to Earth to create the human race. Dragons continue to be important symbols in many cultures today. Many movies contain dragons for our brave heros to defeat in order to save the girl from certain doom. Why dragons always seem to want virginal girls escapes me but I didn't write the stories.

These Dragons Sphinxes, Serpents, Griffins and other mythical monsters are renditions from photographs of statues and historical drawings in out of print text books.

Dragons Griffins and Monsters