Slide Crosses D

Da Through Dz Crosses

These cross designs are derived from historically well-known, recognized and traditional cross forms used by Christian organizations throughout the centuries. Print and decorate these familiar and traditional cross images with crayons, markers or waterpaint, colored ribbons, foil, glitter, sequins, etc. Make into hanging ornaments for the tree or window. Great for art projects such as embroidery, scroll saw wood work, crochet and much more.

dagger and double dagger Cross
Dagger: The "Dagger" cross, and Double Dagger are Christian symbols currently used in punctuation of text (typography). First used in liturgical books of the Roman Catholic Church to mark minor intermediate pauses for the purpose of chanting Psalm verses. Many fonts use the dagger symbol. Experiment with your word program to see how many fonts you can find that use the dagger cross.
Double Fitched Cross
Dagger Cross #1: Double Fitched: The "Double Fitched" cross (Fitchy and Fitché), a quadrate cross with arm ends pointed like daggars.
Dovetail Cross
Dovetail Cross #2 Dovetail Cross #1: The "Dovetail" cross, is simply any cross with designs resembling dove tails.
Dovetail Cross
Dovetail Cross #3: