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Cross Patterns

wheel hex circleThe idea for paper cross patterns came about while I was illustrating easter egg patterns for another website. I became curious over the many variations of crosses, usually Christian, that I'd been finding here and there.

Designs Traditional and Unique


Upon investigation, I found 150 distinctly different, historic variations for this holy icon. Given the holy wars of yore one can only imagine what the differences each cross design represented and the power factions behind the flags and banners of power. Each cross image comes with a brief historic sentence along with a physical description and a link where to find more information.
thick folk art cross The purpose of Paper Crosses site is to provide craft patterns for creating handmade Christmas ornaments, cross stitch needlepoint and other ornamental decorations for holidays and special occasions.

since 03/25/2004, paper crosses offers craft patterns of many types, shapes and sizes.  All of the cross images in this site are unique and personally illustrated. Most of the patterns are of common and easily recognized symbols of faith but others are versions of somewhat obscure historic and and unusual designs. Each image is presented in outline, coloring book style for children to enjoy decorating for class or holiday entertaining. Also provided are large pre-colored cross images that may be used as clip art for non-profit and personal publications or educational purposes.

shrouded crossIn addition to all the large cross and heraldic shield patterns, I thought it would be fun to repurpose or recycle the great thumbnail images I've made by creating fun web page background images that can be used as printable gift wrap. If you're ever roped into a last minute gift giving session at the office get that gift wrapped in a hurry using your own home or office printer.