Coat of Arms or Heraldry Shields

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Heraldry Shield Images

shield heraldryNoble people in medieval times employed heralds and brandished shields of heraldry to express their identity and status in society. A herald was a person responsible for teaching the sons and knights of the fief about heraldry and to recognize the banners and shields of other noble families.


There are many design combinations possibilities with heraldic shields.  These are basic designs commonly seen repeatedly with family crest patterns.  as Color these shields with crayons or markers. Study your family tree to discover your family shield, or design your own family shield to make a brand new herald.


Mix and match designs and create new combinations for imaginary fun.  

Embroider or crochet the design onto pillow cases and hanker chiefs. cross images may be used by parents, teachers, caregivers and hobby enthusiasts for personal and non-profit embroidery, crochet, woodworking and art projects.