Fa Through Fz Theme Crosses

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Fa Through Fz Theme Crosses

Fan Tipped Cross
Fan Tipped: The "Fan" cross, can be any cross with burst designs fanning out at the arm ends
Finial Cross
Finial: The "Fan" cross, can be any cross with burst designs fanning out at the arm ends
Fleurie Cross
Fleurie Cross #1: Fleurie Cross - is also called a Floretty, Flory, Fleurettee or Fleuronny Cross. The Fleurie Cross is regarded to be a representation of faith, wisdom and chivalry. In Christianity it represents the Holy Trinity.
Fleury Cross
Fleury Cross #2: Fleur-de-lis Cross or Fleury Cross - the arm ends represent both a cross adorned with lily petals and barbed spears used in battle.
Forked Cross
Forked: Forked Cross - a variation of the Fourcheé Cross, the Y-shaped Cross or Pall Cross. This "Y" shaped cross could have originated from the initial letter of "Y"ahweh (God's name in Hebrew).
Formée Cross
Formée: Formée Cross or Cross Formy - a variation of the St. John's or Maltese Cross. The Formy cross's arms are narrow at the center and wider at the ends.
Fourchée Cross
Fourchée: Fourchée Cross - a variation of the Forked Cross, the Y-shaped Cross or Pall Cross. The "Croix Fourche" (French) or "Crux Furca" (Latin),is shaped like the Greek Cross but with four arms are forked into "Y" shapes at the ends which create eight points representing the "eight beatitudes".
Frettée Cross
Frettée: The "Frettée" cross, an interlaced or trellis style cross resembling mesh or lattice.
Fruitagée Cross
Fruitagée: The "Fruitagée" cross, also Cross Fruitagee, is a cross with any type of fruit or fruits spilling out of or over the arm ends.