La Through Lz Crosses

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Lamb Through Lorraine Patterns

Lamb Cross
Lamb: The "Lamb" cross, is also called the Agnus Dei Cross.
Lambeau Cross
Lambeau: Lambeau Cross - Lambeau is and old French word for a "scrap" or a "tattered rag" in English. The Lambeau Cross is mounted on a base containing three ragged pendants. This base is known as a label or lambel.
Latin Cross
Latin: Latin Cross - also known as the Roman, Protestant, Western or Plain Cross. A cross with a long upright shaft and one shorter cross bar transversing above the middle. This cross (crux ordinaria) is considered a symbol of Christianity even though it was used as a pagan symbol long before the foundation of Christiaity.
Latin Alpha Omega Cross
Latin Alpha Omega: Latin Alpha Omega Cross - Jesus called himself "the Alpha and the Omega;" The Beginning and the End. The first letter of the Greek alphabet is Alpha (uppercase A) and the last letter is Omega (O).
Latin INRE Cross
Latin INRE: INRE Cross - also known as the Titulus Cross or Proclamation Cross. The most common intrepretation for the INRE Cross refers to the time when crucifixions were commonplace and boards detailing the crimes of the crucified person were affixed to the cross. The board was called "titulus cruces," which translates to the name "Titulus Cross." Latin Alpha Omega Merged: Latin Alpha Omega Cross - Alpha (A) and Omega (O) letters are merged. Jesus called himself "the Alpha and the Omega;" The Beginning and the End. The first letter of the Greek alphabet is Alpha (uppercase A) and the last letter is Omega (O).
Lauburu Cross
Lauburu: The "Lauburu" or Basque cross is also known as the Solar cross. The Lauburu has four comma-shaped arms. In ancient days, many Basque homes and stores would display the Lauburu over their doorways as a charm or talisman.
Lilies Cross
Lilies: The "Lilies" cross, also known as the Easter Cross and Funeral Cross. The lily (usually white) is also used for decorations at weddings, in bouquets, and at Easter time. Christian tradition considers the lily as representative of purity, chastity, virtue and innocence.
Lorraine Cross
Lorraine: Lorraine Cross - also known as the de Gaulle Cross and Gaullist Cross, is the cross of the Greek orthodox Church. The Lorraine cross is a heraldic cross named after the region in France and originated from the Patriarchal Cross. The Lorraine Cross has two horizontal beams of equal length with the upper beam is as close to the top as the lower beam is to the bottom.