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Ba Through Bz

Baptismal Cross
Baptismal: Baptismal Cross - a Greek Cross superimposed over the letter "X" (pronounced "Chi" in Greek). The Greek word for Christ is "Christos" or ???st?? in Greek spelling. The Baptismal Cross's eight arms represent the age of baptism (eight years old), and eight days between Christ's arrival into Jerusalem and the resurrection. Eight also symbolises regeneration in many religions.
Barbee Cross
Barbee: The "Barbee" Cross, with four barbed fish-hooks or fishing spears, is also referred to as the Croix Tournee, Croix Cramponnee, Cross Star, Arrow or St. Sebastian's Cross.
Bezant Cross
Bezant: The "Bezant" cross is unique with three cross beams. This cross is also known as the Eastern Orthodox Cross, Byzantine, Greek Orthodox, Macedonian, Russian, Slavic, Slavonic and Ukraine Cross.
Blunted Cross
Blunted: The "Blunted" cross, has rounded, blunted arm ends.
Budded Cross
Budded: The "Budded" cross, Latin Cross with three 'buds' representing the three-leafed clover to remind believers of the Trinity. Other names for the Budded Cross: the Apostles or Disciples Cross, the Treflée, Trefoil, Botonee or Bottony Cross, or the Cathedral Cross.
Bontonée Cross
Bontonée: Botonée Cross - A cross with clusters of three balls or knobs at the end of each arm. The Bottony Cross is also known as the Budded Cross, the Apostle's or Disciple's Cross, the Treflee, Trefoil, or the Cathedral Cross. A cross with clusters of three balls or knobs at the end of each arm which resemble the three-leafed clover which in turn is symbolic of the Trinity.
Bride's Cross
Bride's: The "Bride's" or Brighid's cross, is traditionally woven from straw in remembrance of Ireland's Saint Bridget. The Bride's cross is derived from the solar cross that predate's Christianity in Ireland.
Nimbus Burst Cross
Nimbus Burst: The "Burst" cross, any cross with a halo, cloud, aura, atmospheric rays or aureole that mimics sun rays which gives the cross the illusion of heavenly glory.